No, Makeup Look

Make-up is a work of art, an expression. But time and time again it has been proven that less is more. Lately, it’s been all about that natural “no-make up” make-up look and although it may seem daunting, it’s as easy as it sounds!

All you will need are four products:

BB Cream – Blemish balms are smooth and hydrating like moisturizers, but thick and pigmented enough to cover redness and discoloration. Apply with your hands or a wet Beauty Blender.


(Image via

Pressed Powder – Powder is necessary in the warmer months, especially when wearing BB cream. It matifies the face and adds an extra layer of coverage.


(Image via Canadian Beauty)

Bronzer – A warm, soft glow adds dimension and color to the face. Apply on the cheekbones, jaw line, and each side of the hairline to contour and slim your face. Also, apply some to the crease of your eyelids to add some shadow and depth to your eyes!


(Image via Fashion Sunrise)

Lipstick – Try to use a rosy shade with a soft, matte finish. Gently apply some onto your lips and dot with your finger. After, dot some onto your cheeks and blend to create that beautiful, natural flow


(Image via Temptalia)

Nail Trends

Nails change with the mood, the occasion, and the season. This spring and summertime, nail art has become not just a colorful statement, but also an expression of individual creativity. Affordable DIY nail kits are letting all girls add their personal twist to these nail trends! Here are 10 of the hottest and fun nail inspirations to spice up your fingertips:

1. Watercolor

(LEFT: Spektors Nails via Pinterest; RIGHT: Pshiiit via Pinterest)

2. Ombré

(LEFT: Baller Alert; RIGHT: Pshiiit via Pinterest)

3. Bejeweled

(LEFT: Butter London; RIGHT: Lockerz via Pinterest)

4. Matte

(LEFT: Chictopia via Pinterest; RIGHT: Neno Fashion)

6. Pastels

(LEFT: Lady Lux; RIGHT: Fashionverytale via Pinterest)

7. Caviar (not the food!)

(LEFT: Confidential Nails; RIGHT: Miss Adelinne via Pinterest)

8. Tribal

(LEFT: loveitsomuch via Pinterest; RIGHT: Pshiiit via Pinterest)

9. Metallic

(LEFT: SheFinds; RIGHT: LoveMaegan)

10. Geometric

(LEFT:Nordstrom via Pinterest; RIGHT: Pshiiit via Pinterest)

Ten cutest ways to wear rain boots

It’s only the beginning of fall and humidity is still lingering. This transitional weather is tricky to dress for, especially when it’s raining. We dug up some rain boot inspiration this weekend and we’re loving all these waterproof. We can’t wait to copy these outfits… check them out!