The #1 Word to Fuel Your Success

yyyyHappy New Yes! In 2016, just say, yes! Yes to your success ladies and gentlemen. New Years Resolutions are great, but many or even most are not kept. Why? There are many different factors and possibilities, but one of the largest reasons is that we have not given ourselves permission to reach our goals set.

It sounds nice to be out of debt. It would be great if we had that bigger house or new car. And losing weight is always on the to do list. However, is any of it a priority? A real priority. I used to believe that some people just had it easier than others, attributing being stagnant to finances or lack support and connections. The unfortunate truth is, we all have the same amount of time each day. Our agendas and what we choose to do is what is most important to us at that time.

When we want more, but fail to progress toward it, we have consciously or unconsciously told ourselves no. The greatest issue here is usually fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success and fear of change. Another issue is laziness. Nobody likes to admit it, but sometimes we can be downright lazy, at least in the difficult areas.

Average people say yes to comfort and no to change. Sometimes we just don’t want better enough. Maybe we are not ready. Nevertheless because You are not average, it is time for a New Yes! This New Yes won’t quit. This New Yes will require hard work, commitment, and dedication. This yes will take you through 2016 and beyond if you continue to say Yes to the life you really want.

It is time to say
Yes! I deserve to be debt free
Yes! I deserve to travel
Yes! I can fly first class too
Yes! I will spend more quality time with my loved ones
Yes! I will soar in the career I envision for me
Yes! I am entitled to respectful relationships with others and myself
Yes! I want great health, so I will change my lifestyle to gain and maintain it
Yes! I deserve joy and good hearty laughs daily
Yes! I deserve better. I deserve the best!


Eagleville Dam In Connecticut

I thought it would be great to start using my new camera. On my way home from dinner, I saw this beautiful waterfall and decided to take a snap shot. The sunlight bounced off the natural light. This is breath taking!! I’m happy I was able to capture this moment…