The All Occasion Suit

suitSo you have a gala to attend, a wedding to enjoy, your company is having a dinner party, or you and your girls are going out for drinks at an upscale lounge. What are you going to wear?

You like to make a fashion statement so you grab that go to “little black dress” from your closet.… Honey, hang it back up! Although classic, this has gotten stale. The new head turner for the Fashionista and all around girl is the elegant jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit can be very versatile, classy, and oh so sexy in a subtle not overdone way. A solid color pants jumpsuit can be accessorized like a black dress. An attention-grabbing necklace is always divine with a small pair of earrings. If you love long dangling earrings, go for your favorite pair, with no necklace to show that neckline.

Pant jumpsuits are emphasized because the length gives off a sense of sophistication. Just like the black dress, but stronger because pants were first made for men. Jumpsuits show off your curves in all the right places and if you are less curvy many give the illusion of the hourglass shape because they are made with a tie, can be belted, and some have cinched waist areas that flare out at the hip area. Don’t get me wrong, jumpsuits with shorts are nice, but better for a playful scene, a hot summer day or a hot date.

Who is the jumpsuit for? Everybody! Body shape is not a factor because they are made in various sizes. These hot items are made with long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, and even one shoulder. These can be worn and changed for the environment by wearing a blazer, cardigan, or a nice sweater. The pants come in various styles such as loose like bell bottoms, styles tapered at the ankle, some shaped like a skinny jean, others are baggy like Harlem pants, and then there is the refined boot cut fit. No matter your age or favorite color, there is a style to fit you.

If your closet is up to date with a jumpsuit or two you go girl! Just pick one and get primped. If you don’t have any, but you have to own one, great places to shop for these are Macys,,, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and

Written by: Christine Johnson


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