Winter 2013-14 Must Haves

No more “I don’t have anything to wear” problems; Those 10 items are fashion essentials for winter that will save you from wasting your time digging desperately into your closet.

1.       Pantyhose and tights

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Pantyhose are perfect during the winter because they look good, they emphasize your great legs and they keep you warm. Pantyhose and tights go well with every dress or a skirt; however it’s important to choose the right color and texture. If you want to upgrade your look, go for pantyhose with a special pattern. If it’s too cold, go for thicker ones. And for the perfect goes with-everything pantyhose go for classic black ones.

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2.       Scarves

There are many ways to wear scarves-YouTube has many video tutorials that teach you creative new ways to wear it. I suggest trying multiple ways until you find the one that looks better on your outfit. Fur scarves in neutrals colors especially are an essential and will make your outfit much more stylish.

3.       Studded black boots

These boots are classic for days that you just don’t know what shoes will fit. It is highly recommended to buy a quality pair with real leather, because the fake ones tend to fall apart very easily.  credit image:

4.       Metallic silver skirt

This trend is very popular for this season. For a cool sexy rocker like look, a metallic skirt is the ultimate item. The silver color will go very well with pale pink or black shirt. Also, metallic dresses are extremely fashionable. credit image:

5.       Kimono

The kimono trend is getting more and more popular each winter. It’s perfect for the warmer days of the winter in which you are not quite sure rather you need a jacket or not. Kimono comes with many prints: floral, dots, animal etc. It goes the best with a pair of jeans and cool sunglasses. credit image:

6.       Cut out dress

The cut out trend comes in many forms- cut out boots, cut out jeans, cut out blouses. However, the absolutely best are cut out dresses. It gives you just the right amount of exposing your body, while at the same time not showing too much. It is tastefully sexy and sophisticated and thus a must in your closet, for a perfect night out with your girls. credit image:

6.       Velvet

Velvet shoes, velvet dress, velvet skirt, velvet top- everything velvet works this season.  credit image:

8.       Fur coat

The fur coat trend works with every neutral color or animal print. But if you want to invest in a coat that will serve you the most, go for a black and not a long one. Combined with a pair of skinny jeans your outfit will be a success. credit image:

9.       Pitch lipstick

Even if you are not the kind of girl that wears a lot of make-up daily, you will find using a lipstick as a very easy way to look glamorous without an effort. Make sure you know how to apply it correctly.

10.       Black leather jacket

This is the most important item you will ever own. Goes with everything, never out of style, and it’s a guarantee that you will use it the most. But remember to keep it simple, take the classic black jacket and don’t go too far with studs and asymmetrical cuts. Once again, it is recommended to invest in a real leather jacket.  credit image:


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